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Boris for Blackjack is Celebrating it's 10 Anniversary since the release of windows-based software. As you are probably aware, Boris' Casino Blackjack Simulation Software is second to none. In the Blackjack world, the name Boris is synonymous with Simulation ACCURACY and Integrity

The problem with other Blackjack programs is that, despite their naieve claims, they do not accurately simulate the Blackjack casino environment. Therefore, your "winning", is happening against conditions that do not actually exist in the real world. Unlike other Blackjack computer software, Boris' Casino Blackjack Simulation software simulates ACTUAL CASINO CONDITIONS!

With Boris, your wins and losses will be based on realistic table simulations, not on random chance produced by randomly shuffled cards; although, Boris also includes a series of Random Shuffles, to use for creating statistical baselines.

Other Blackjack software products claim to incorporate casino-shuffle duplication. Upon closer inspection we actually find that their simulations are NOT realistic; that they in-fact contain computer logic which produces an unintended repeat of various sub-steps of the shuffle procedure. This produces what looks (to the untrained eye) to be non-random cards, but which in fact are only partially-shuffled cards with unrealistic card patterns interspersed throughout.

People with a "sharp eye" will sub-consciously recognize these patterns and train themselves to beat them. Unfortunately, they are wasting their time. In ACTUAL casino play, the cards will be dramatically different, containing NONE of these patterns.

Boris' Blackjack simulation software represents the state-of-the-art in computer software available to the gaming public. We have been studying the effects of shuffle/wash procedures for over 13 years. Also, Boris is the ONLY Blackjack Simulation software that simulates ALL THREE original ShuffleMaster Shuffle Machines, and the Random-ejection shuffler; with the KING and One-2-Six Shufflers due for release this year.

Although research is always on-going, Boris is accurate enough now to make any time you spend studying and practicing your strategies worthwhile. Compare Boris to ANY other "Blackjack" software on the market.
You will find nothing which even comes close to offering the features, flexibility and accuracy of Boris' Casino Blackjack Simulation.

If you are currently using (or considering using) Blackjack Software other than Boris for Blackjack, you should check out Boris' Top-10 list - Top-10 Ways to tell if your Blackjack Computer Software is REALLY Accurate.
At the very least, you'll get a laugh or two.

While the ideas in the above Top-10 List are rather rediculous, Boris for Blackjack prides itself on being the most accurate Blackjack software available today. To that end, being Blackjack players, as we encounter new features and changes to the game, you can be sure that Boris will quickly be enhanced to include those changes.


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Boris Software Technical Information

To assist you towards fully understanding what it is that makes Boris' Blackjack Simulations superior to all the other mere "Blackjack Programs" available today, we have put together a series of screens that go into considerable detail, beyond the overview descriptions of the various Software Editions described below.

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Several Editions of Boris to fit your needs

In the past, depending on who I talked to, I was told that Boris' Simulation Software was either too expensive or too cheap.

Casual players don't appreciate the shuffle and wash accuracy represented in the software and therefore rightfully cannot justify spending a lot of money "just for a Blackjack program". On the other hand, Professional Blackjack players, like doctors and lawyers, recognize that quality tools justify a premium price. They are suspicious of $29.95 software; as they well should be.

Therefore, to accomodate virtually everyone, I have devised a series of different Software Editions. Whichever your consideration (price or features/performance), there is a software Edition to fit your budget and needs.

Party Edition - $14.95

Boris' Party Edition is a bare-bones Casino Blackjack Simulator.
This Edition is ideal for Parties or novice Blackjack players, or players who play to have FUN, not necessarily to win.

This edition of Boris is for people who like things simple and easy.
With the Party Edition you have the same ACCURATE casino simulation in the more expensive editions, but without all the options that are unnecessary for you. You can watch automatic players play, and you can jump in at any time to join the action. You can query each of the players to find out how you are doing relative to the other players; be they artifical or human and compare players with the Statistics "Cash Register" at the bottom of the screen.
(Note: The Party Edition is completing a face-lift (similar to what was done w/ the other Editions in 2005-2006).
It will reappear in September 2015 with a few screen display suprises.)

Gambler's Edition - $27.95

Boris Gambler's Edition is a no-frills Blackjack Simulator.
The Gambler's Edition is for people who want to learn Blackjack's Basic Strategy (taught in most every Blackjack book published today). This edition contains all the features of the Party version with three important additions:

  1. The Full-Blown BSDrills Facility to help you memorize and evaluate your ability to Play Basic Strategy.

  2. During Blackjack play, you can use the Advice Key to obtain Boris's Basic Strategy recommendation for each and every hand you encounter. With this Edition you also have greater control over the speed of play.
  3. A summary statistic screen allows you to evaluate your play separately, and in conjunction with the other "players" at the table.

Student Edition - 49.95

Boris' Student Edition is for beginning students of Blackjack.
This edition contains all the features of the Gambler's Edition, with the following important additions:

  1. You can drill most of the popular card-counting and "Basic" strategies as well as conventional Basic Strategy.

  2. You can modify the game rules allowing you to create your own custom casino environments.
  3. You can display statistics of any supported card-count system, allowing you to study the system more closely.
  4. You can test drive one of the card count strategies by placing Boris in Blind Simulation Mode, examining the statistics from time to time.
  5. You can control the mix of players from the Blackjack table during play.

Advanced Edition - 89.95

The Advanced Edition is MUCH like the original 1991 Boris for DOS.
It contains most of the features Version 3.X Boris users came to know and love.
Boris' Advanced Edition is for more advanced players; semi-professional Card Counters in particular.

In addition to all the features of the Student Edition, the Advanced Edition contains an additional FOUR Statistic Screens (the Summary Statistics Screen from the previous versions, as well as TWO screens of Detailed Player statistics, and a Screen detailing Statistics relating to the Dealer and Blackjack Table itself).
Additionally, you can plot comparison graphs for multiple card-counts and more finely control the Blind Simulation mode.

To study the effects of player mix at the table, you can preset players with the Player Setup screen, declaring what mix of Betting/Playing methods they use. You can also fine-tune many of the casino conditions as well by way of the Casino Management Screen.

Last but not least, the Blackjack Drills Facility has been re-designed which includes the ability to run drills using Practice-Decks made with the .CARDS files produced by Boris' Design-a-Shoe™ Facility.

Strategies in BlackjackStrategies.SDB can be viewed and edited by the reinvented Strategy-Design Facility. These changes can then be drilled using Boris' BJDrills, createing a feedback-driven relationship between the two processes.

PBJ Edition - 119.95

Boris' PBJ Edition is for even more advanced players; Clump-Trackers, in particular.
Like the old DOS Boris Version 3.4, you can indicate your Hit-card and Hole-card predictions and have Boris evaluate your prediction success by way of the Clump-statistics screen; in addition to all the features found in the Advanced Edition.

Because shuffle analysis is crucial for Clump-Trackers, the CardViewer™ Facility is an important inclusion to the PBJ Edition, along with the ability to use the .CARDS files produced by the Design-a-Shoe™ Facility, included in this release.

Professional Edition - 199.95

The Boris Professional Edition is currently the "Cadillac" of Casino Blackjack Simulators.
The Boris Professional Edition takes the PBJ Edition several steps further.
Several new statistic screens have been added to allow evaluation of betting progressions, advanced card-count analysis and the study of the card-clump phenomenon.
The CardViewer™ Facility has also been replaced with Boris' ShoeViewer™ facility, allowing you to study some of the more obscure aspects of the shuffle phenomenon.

Professional Plus Edition - $299.95

First released on Feb. 2, 2003, Boris's Professional "Plus" Edition is our "Rolls Royce" of Boris' Blackjack Simulators.
In addition to a new series of Statistical Analysis Screens, the Professional "Plus" Edition includes an enhanced Design-a-Shoe™ Facility, as well as a Boris' new ShoeViewer-II™ (a PRO+-level ShoeViewer™ Utility) allows us to see the cards "inside" the KING and One-2-Six Shufflers during play.
Professional "Plus" Users will also have access to a special D/L page giving you access to new features including an enhanced Design-a-Shuffle™ feature.
The PRO+ Edition will continue to evolve improved screen graphics sporting larger cards and a scrollable viewport; offering an even more realistic look at the Blackjack table; a feature available in no other software.
Finally, while chip betting will be added to all editions of Boris in Version 4.5 PRO+ users will enjoy this feature in an early update to prior to Release 4.50. All these features (and more) are part of the Professional "Plus" Edition of Boris for Blackjack.

If you have further questions, please send e-mail to

Special Evaluation Editions - FREE

Several players are researching a revolutionary approaches to beating the game of Blackjack. Special Editions of Boris are being released to showcase these strategies. Look for them in 2015.

Boris Internet Editions

Thanks to Object-oriented languages such as C++ Builder, Java (and to, some degree Visual Basic 6), look for Boris to be internet-capable in Winter 2015. This will allow you to engage in live Blackjack practice play and join us for our revamped team play activities.

Boris Software Screen Shots

To give you an idea of what the many different software screens look like, a series of screen snapshots have been put together. These shots are taken from the Professional Edition of Boris. Other editions of the software contain a subset of these screens.

There are additional screens. These are probably the ones you are most curious about.
Click the Magnifying Glass to check them out.