Boris for Blackjack

Card-Count-Oriented Features

by Ron Fitch - Boris Designer

In addition to accurate shuffle/wash duplication, Boris' Blackjack Simulation Software sports features appealing to a variety of different playing styles; from hunch betting/progression systems, to Card-count and Clump-track methods.

With Boris, Card-counters appreciate the benefits of being able to specify their own Strategy Tables, while also enjoying the convenience of being able to utilize one or more of the following built-in card-count strategies:

Currently Simulated by Boris

Coming in Version 4.44/4.50

  1. Andersen Point-count (APC)

  2. Boris' Adv. Point-count (BAC)

  3. Boris' Core-count (BCC)

  4. Humble's HI-Opt1

  5. Patterson's Hi-Lo

  6. Revere's Point-count (RPC)

  7. Silver-FOX System

  8. Uston Simple Plus-Minus (USPM)

  9. Ustons Adv. Plus-Minus (UAPM)

  10. Uston Adv. Point-count (UAPC)

  11. Snyder's Red-Seven Count

  12. Snyder's Zen Count

  13. Bryce Carlson's - Omega II



  1. K-O Blackjack - Unbalanced P-C

  2. Revere APC (aka - 14-Count)

  3. Humble's HI-Opt2

  4. Wong Halves

  5. Uston "SS" (tentative)

E-mail recommendations for other counts you would like added to Boris' Software:

Because accurate betting is at the core of virtually every winning system, being able to test a wide-variety of bet combinations makes it easy to confirm or dispell myths regarding betting progressions, alone (with say, Basic Strategy), or in conjunction with one or more card-count procdures.

Amongst the 40+ A-I (Artificially-Intelligent) betting systems present in Boris' Blackjack Simulation Software, of considerable interest are:

  1. For Card-counters:

    1. Running-count Betting

    2. True-count Betting

    3. reverse-Running/True Betting

    4. Ten-count Betting

    5. Core-count Betting

    6. and even Coco ITA's Betting-Tree.

  2. For Progression Bettors we have (with more coming in Version 4.5):

    1. Flat-betting

    2. Up-as-You-Win 1.5X

    3. Up-as-You-Win 2.0X

    4. 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3, etc.

    5. 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3, etc.

    6. 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4, etc. Step-progression;

    7. David Popik's Progression method

    8. Boris' Universal Reverse Progression (B-U-R-P)

    9. A number of 3-Bet "Negative" (up-as-you-lose) Progressions











With Boris' "Blind-Simulations", Card-counters can test-drive any combination of betting/playing scenarios against correctly-simulated casino-shuffles, and even contrast them with runs - using one of several Random Shuffles - to confirm the validity of the findings.

While other Blackjack software may run "Blind Simulations" considerably faster, what good is that if the results are innaccurate (due to lack of accurate casino shuffle/wash simulation), or incomplete? (Most Blackjack software designers are usually not professional Blackjack players and therefore don't REALLY understand what data to track and how).

Although Boris' Card-counting facilities have evolved over 10 years, they are not based SOLELY on my own card-count play (which began in Dec. 1978). Casino Gaming Software continues to invite players to submit their "Wish List" items (see the table above). It is Idea-submissions from players like you that contribute to the "nourishment", "consumed" for software design sessions. I often telephone the submittors (if they so allow), or at least run many of their ideas by various professional players I keep acquaintence with (one favor begats another...), as well as other software developers (it pays to keep a wide-variety of associates).


Additional Software Features of interest to Card-count players include

  1. a Pop-up Strategy Information Data-Box

  2. Card-count Evaluation Statistics

  3. A properly-placed, realistic Discard-Tray, useful for:

    1. Estimating Full-Deck and 1/2-Deck True-counts.

    2. Studying penetration relevancies.

    3. Precisely cutting the cards.

    4. Studying Shuffle-tracking and Key-carding.

    5. Obtaining data about the shoe.

  4. And, last but not least: Running/True Card-count Graph-plots


Both a science and an art, Card-counting is a skill requiring considerable practice to master the game well enough to be realistically-confident for advancement to live, in-casino play.

The above-described features are but a few of the hundreds available with the many Editions of Boris for Blackjack. If you have further questions, you can write me at: BorisonBlackjack@BorisBJ21.Com.

I wish you success in Blackjack, whatever tools and methods you use.



Ron Fitch

Boris Software Designer