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What follows are responses to Frequently Asked Questions regarding topics relating to Blackjack Simulation software in general, and Boris' Casino Blackjack Simulation Software in particular.

This FAQ is under continuing development.

Last Updated: December 09, 2005


  1. Casino Blackjack cards are NOT random. There are MANY tests that can and have been run to demonstrate this. Additionally, the extensive statistics from the Boris' Blackjack Simulation software can give you another look at this non-randomness. To understand some of the logic behind non-randomness, see the article Does Card-Clumping Exist? . None other than Kenny Uston seems to have been the FIRST person to report on the existence of Clumped cards. Additionally, an independent Wash-study has been done by Russ Hall. The cards depicted in Boris shuffle displays illustrating that study certainly don't pass the tests for Randomness.

  2. ShuffleMaster Shuffle Machines have increasingly infiltrated the Blackjack tables (not to mention Caribbean Stud and other poker-like games). They are REQUIRED to be used at the Let-It-Ride tables, a game licensed to the casinos by ShuffleMaster Inc. There is a MYTH (promulgated by ShuffleMaster Inc. and parroted by casino employees) that these Shuffle Machines produce random cards. It all depends upon your definition of "Random". It is clear that the term "Random" as put forth by ShuffleMaster Inc. would be defined as not being able to select a specific card (or cards) out of the deck/pack after the machine has completed the shuffle process, when you knew the location of the card(s) BEFORE the shuffle was done.
    The above distinction is CRUCIAL. Clump-Trackers (and many card-counters) agree that the definition of non-random cards is that Low-cards follow Low-cards, High-cards follow High-cards and Mid-cards follow Mid-cards more often than they randomly should. By THIS definition, the ShuffleMaster Machines do NOT produce random cards. Cards that are not random are therefore (to some degree) predictible, if you know what to look for.
    Boris' Blackjack Simulation Software accurately simulates the Original THREE Shuffle Master machines. Compare the play against Boris' Shuffle Machine Simulations versus one of Boris' Random Shuffles. You well quickly see that there is a measureable difference.

  3. Virtually all Blackjack strategies have been derived from computer simulations which AT BEST employ a random shuffle. The "at best" refers to inferior attempts to duplicate casino shuffles by programmers who have never REALLY studied casino shuffle/wash procedures in considerable detail; as has been done for the development of Boris.
    We are in our 11th year of Wash and Shuffle Investigation.

  4. The Speed with which software is able to carry out its simulation is in no way indicative of the Quality or Accuracy of the Simulation Software itself. By comparison, Boris probably rates as slow Simulation Software. However, NO OTHER Blackjack Simulation software (available in the comercial marketplace) can come anywhere CLOSE to the accuracy of Boris' Blackjack Simulations, nor can they produce an equivalent myriad of relevant statistics.

  5. Because most Blackjack Software programs use little more than random number generation to achieve card-shuffling, the assumption is made that the way in which the cards are picked up and placed in the discard tray doesn't really matter - because the cards will be randomly shuffled anyway. One Blackjack "game" goes so far as to "shuffle" the cards as they are picked up, randomly inserting them into "numbered slots" in the discard tray; elimenating shuffle wait-time. These are examples of TWO bad assumptions. At the VERY least, it is important to pickup the cards in a consistent (not random) manner, to facilitate back-playing the hands in the event of a dispute. It has also been suggested that the discard order has a CONSIDERABLE influence on the outcome of the game. Remember the Dual-discard tray at the Las Vegas club? (This is being researched for Boris 5.0.)

  6. Simulating casino card-washes is not an easy affair. Aside from the Boris Casino Blackjack Simulators, most Blackjack Software does NOT wash the cards. Current software that CLAIMS to use card washes base their methods on the incorrect theory of taking the cards in "packets". This is a beginning, yet FAR from accurate. As we know, card swirling is a CIRCULAR MOTION. That ALONE should be a big HINT for the other software developers out there. Boris is the ONLY Blackjack software to offer a shuffle display screen, allowing you to inspect the shuffles for comparison against the REAL WORLD.
    Of course, most "experts" deny that cards can be clumped through the Wash process (if they even know what the term "wash cards" means).

  7. To the surprise of many software developers, accurate representation of the Blackjack Table on the monitor screen is CRUCIAL in comprehending the more subtle psychological aspects of Blackjack Play. In addition to 25 years Software Design Experience, Ron Fitch also brings to the table 18 years of practice as an Introspection Therapist. Visual design of Boris' Software reflects this.
    For initial learning purposes, you may wish to enable dialogue messages during your play. Later, to simulate real world conditions, the messages can be disabled, allowing you to play "silently", against the dealer, as you would in real life.
    Proper screen layout MUST visually be near-identical to real world play. That is why Boris' play screen sports a discard tray (upper left), a drop slot, a chip tray, a dealing shoe and even a placcard with the table's "ID" and Min/Max limits. Lacking design skill, other Blackjack programmers subject your eyes (and brain) to unrealistic looking screen layouts, with considerable detriment to the Quality of your home practice play. Bottom-line: You GET what you PAY for.

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